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2 Ways You Can Promote Wellness in the Workplace


According to statistics, 40 percent of workers say that their jobs are very to extremely stressful, and 29 percent of workers feel that they are at least quite a bit stressed while at work. Have any of your employees admitted to being stressed? Have you noticed any signs of stress in your employees, such as reduced quality of work, poor judgment, increased sick leave, etc.?

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Why It's Important to Have Dental Insurance


Do you have dental insurance? If not, you may want to consider adding it on. Because dental insurance is optional, many people get basic medical insurance and forego the additional dental and vision riders.

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Why Life Insurance Is A Must At Any Age


Why Life Insurance Is A Must At Any Age Life insurance is a key part of a sound financial plan that many people skip out on. Young people in their 20s often feel that they do not need coverage.

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